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ACWF are fully trained specialists in providing air conditioning, cooling, heating and ventilation throughout Leicester, Nottingham, Derby and the surrounding areas. The expectationof artifically regulated environement in public buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, malls at work and even at home is irresistable. ACWF are exclusively air conditioning, cooling specialists in Leicester and surrounding areas of Nottingham & Derby. Supplying and installing to order, either commissioning systems in new buildings or updating older buildings. Working closely with architects, interior designers & public utilities, this company maximises the use of CAD & the latest Technology. Meeting today’s expectations of a controlled environment with optimum air quality, temperature control and instant response, without the liability of radiators, is a challenge that ACWF are geared to meet.

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The all round contribution to the quality of life that ACWF makes, ranges from the health and comfort of people who are best motivated to achieve in a pleasant environment, to optimum use of heat energy which contains costs. With governments’ pledges in international forums to energy conservation and fuel efficiency, ACWF has a role in the improvement of living and working environment for our customers, give us a call.

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